The Blue Knight of Milan by Aurora

A MASSIVE slice of nostalgia this one – I remember buying this one in my youth (about 40 years ago now) and making a right mess of it. As most of you will now by now, I’ve already made two of the other three in the series – the Black Knight of Nurnburg and the Red Knight of Vienna (I only have the Gold Knight of Nice to get) but unlike those two this isn’t a re-release: this is an honest to goodness original Aurora issue from the seventies. The box features atmospheric artwork (exactly as I remembered it) and the kit is moulded in a slightly metallic blue. Surprisingly, the fit of parts was excellent, with only a few minor gaps here and there.


The most difficult aspect of this particular model is the engraved armour – which is meant to be highlighted in gold. As you readily imagine, back when I first made the Blue Knight this was an incredibly frustrating exercise, as I had none of the knowledge or techniques – this time, things were a lot different. For the record I sprayed the armour in Tamiya metallic blue then pushed watered down gold paint into the swirls and markings, then quickly wiped the excess away. It’s a simple technique, but it’s given a spectacular result.


One other difficulty – the instructions called for the head to be glued onto the body first and THEN the helmet to be assembled around it (the helmet won’t fit over the head if you assemble it separately). This necessitated me paint the helmet halves first, the wrapping the head and body in masking (a freezer bag) so that if I needed to do any paint touch-ups then I wouldn’t get it everywhere. The gold work didn’t quite work as I’d wanted it to but it’s still good enough for display on my shelves.


Gotta love those pantaloons!

Two other things: first, the paint job on the halberd is temporary – I detest handpainting gold onto large areas, as almost inevitably it shows up brush marks. I’ll get some gold acrylic spray paint and then sand the halberd blade back to plastic and reprime and then spray. Secondly, the instructions suggested that the base be painted black to represent onyx but I thought that would be too boring so I painted it in a red/black marble effect.


I enjoyed making this one immensely – but the next model will be something completely different… see you soon!


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