New acquisitions and model prices

A short blog post this morning, as the day job is calling. First, let’s talk about the new models which have arrived here at the It Figures workshop: HG Wells’ The Invisible Man by Moebius Models. Bela Lugosi as Broadway’s Dracula by Moebius Models Both are in 1/8th scale, and both come with spectacular bases. MODEL […]

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Black Widow by Moebius Models

I have to admit to a liking for the Marvel Universe films currently doing the rounds – I am not expecting deep philosophy nor worthy subtextual inferences in films like this but I am looking for entertainment and fun, and that’s what I get. Iron Man is just one of many I’ve enjoyed, and I have no […]

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Recent acquisitions – 27:07:2017

Before I tell you what I’ve bought recently, I’m happy to announce that the Mr. Spock model has been sold. Things are certainly picking up already… Anyway, onto the subject of today’s blog-post – new kits that I’ve acquired. First off (and the one I am working on currently) is this one: a 1/8th figure […]

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