The Incredible Hulk by Toy-Biz

Here’s my latest model project, the Hulk in full-on 1/12th scale ‘Hulk smash!’ mode. I’ve been quite spoiled lately by the likes of Moebius Models and Polar Lights, with their fine sculpting and excellent fit of parts, so this 21 year-old (yes! TWENTY-ONE!!) model figurine kit of Marvel’s green-hued behemoth came as something of a […]

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Catwoman by Moebius Models

The Original Series Batman models from Moebius continue to impress with the third figure in the shape of Catwoman. And, just like the others, this one’s been sculpted by the inestimable Jeff Yagher and, also like the others, has managed to capture the essence of both the character and the actress who played her, Julie Newmar. Beautifully and […]

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